Our story.

In 1986 Javier Martinez experienced the worst earthquake in the history of Mexico city. Due to the fact, he moved to Austin, Texas where he quickly began working a wide array of jobs. Alone, Javier went from being a prep cook for 12 years, to an Anesthesia Technologist for 4. 

After several years, his interests pushed him to do something bigger. He decided to provide Austin with something he saw missing: the equipment necessary to host great parties.


In 2003 Javier founded Austin Chair & Table Rental and began his journey with only 10 tables, 60 chairs and a 1980 old Chevy Van. As any new entrepreneur, he hired one employee, and juggled his new business with his full time job. In 2008 he could no longer manage both, and had to decide between the two. Ultimately, he left his job at St. Davids, and ran Austin Chair and Table Rental full time!

Since then, Austin Chair and Table Rental has been a go to for hosts of all types. From dad's hosting a family BBQ, moms planning a Quince, bridesmaids helping plan a wedding, inaugurations, and even corporate leaders looking to spoil their employees. We've seen it all, and we're happy to help you host a party everyone will envy.

Why does this matter?

When Javier first moved to the US, like most immigrants, you grasp on to memories that bring you comfort. For him, those memories were stemmed from the parties his family would host. He would remember the laughs, the smells of the food in the kitchen, the tight hugs, the music playing in the background, and the feeling of being right in the center of it all. These memories sparked a desire in Javier to provide people the equipment necessary to host parties, so that they too could create the same memories.

We genuinly want to help.

Since day one, Javier has been observing, learning, and adapting to the changes in the industry. He's constantly adding to our inventory, and devotes himself to listening to what people need. If we don't carry it, we shortly will. We offer items that you can customize, and while we've grown over the years, we don't say no to small family events. We want you to create your own memories, and we're here to help you host it. From customer service, to custom requests, Javier has built a company founded on the desire to serve the community.